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Sana'a, Shibam, Kaukaban, At Tawilah, Thula, Al Hajjarah, Hodeidah, Bait al-Faqih, Zabid, Hays, Taiz, Aden, Jibla, Ibb, Yarim, Dhamar


Old City of Sana'a UNESCO Bab al Yemen gate to the marvelous Souk, and the so many historical landmarks, it boasts a sensational concoction of old houses and architecture, the Ancient Tombs near Sana'a about 40,000 years old, Al-Saleh Mosque, Shibam and walking up the thoursands of stairs to great village of Kaukaban, The Historic City of Thula, a real gem. Al Hajjarah is well worth the trip, great village and superb view. Bait Al-Faqih weekly market, one of the best in Yemen. Historic town of Zabid UNESCO a walled city. Jibla Mosque of Queen Arwa, one of the oldest in Yemen, and still active, the town has an amazing hill top location. Taiz is a very photogenic mountain town with great panoramic views.