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Caracas, Merida, Maracaibo, Islas Roques,


Caracas National Pantheon with the remains of Simon Bolivar, Casa Natal del Libertador where Bolivar was born, the Cathedral (1674) and Museo Sacro. Merida, a friendly and youthful university city, gorgeous climate, highest and longest cable car in the world at the time of my visit (2003) to Pico Espejo (4765m), it has five stations up to "Virgin de las Nieves", French technology since 1958!C Los Roques 150km north of Caracas, with Carribean Flair and the greatest beaches of any country in South America, the mega highlights were Francisqui archipelago, many pelicans, Piscinitas salt water pool and Madrisqui island, both with excellent white beaches, not a lot of shade! Cayo de Agua, la Isla bonita, one of the top beaches worldwide complete with sandbank. Dos Mosquises is another cluster of paradise islands, a few palm trees included. Angel Falls UNESCO the world's highest waterfalls, spectacular free fall of more than 1000 meters!