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Nuku'alofa. Eua Island


Nuku'alofa Royal Palace built in 1878 with the Royal tombs.Market, Tongan handicrafts including the beautiful tapas, made from barks of the mulberry tree. Kolovai with its Flying Fox colony, Fanga Uta Lagoon where the first settlers lived around 1200 BC, Heketa-2nd capital is the location of one of the finest existing examples of Tongan stonemasonry, the Ha'amonga-a-Maui, a large gateway of coral limestone, Mua-the 3rd capital with visible signs of fortification and the ancient burial places of the royal family at Lapaha, with some stones weighing over 12 tonnes. Captain Cook's Landing Place 1773 at Alaki. Hufangalupe Cliffs Overlook. 4 kilometers of majestic Houma Blowholes where the might of the Ocean is forced through natural rock fissures to creat skyscrapers of water fountains, up to 30m high, an incredible performance! Eua just a 12 minute flight from the capital, but a different world: cliffs with phenomenal views at its highest point the broken abandoned former Palace of the King.