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Lome, Dapaong, Kande, Tambermanvallei, Pya, Kara, Boulabe, Sokode, Glei, Notse, Tsevie, Aneho


Lome Musée International du Golfe de Guinée one of the best museums I have seen in Africa of African artefacts, lots of masks, the gold treasure of the Ashati kings, and much more. Palais de Lomé. National Museum, the Grand marché is a must. Tamberma Valley (Koutammakou) UNESCO can be reached via a dirt road from Kande, or over the border from Benin. Villages with mud-brick houses, inhabited by Battamariba or Tamberma indigenous people, full of local traditions, medecine men, fetish ceremonies, photo opportunities, but you should ask each time. Kpalime in the Plateaux region. Agbodrafo sandwiched between lake Togo and the Ocean's rolling waves. Fazao Malfakassa is Togo's largest National Park, with a few forest elephants left for the lucky ones, but to see elephants there is a better chance in Keran or Fosse aux Lions National Parks, both in the Northwest near the border with Ghana.