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Dushanbe, Chorbogh, Anzob Pass, Ayni, Gusar, Panjakent


Dushanbe Haji Yakoub Mosque used the be the main mosque, National Museum (the Lady of Sarazm one of the highlights), Museum of National Antiquities with the large "Sleeping Buddha", Rudaki Park with monuments and fountains. In front of the Presidential Palace is the huge flagpole (165m), it is in fact the second largest on earth after Jeddah's flagpole (170m) in Saudi Arabia, the difference is just 5m! The flag that proudly flutters in the wind weighs amazing 700 kilograms. Drive over the Anzob Pass (3373m) to Panjakent (Bazaar, Ancient Panjakent with Sogdian ruins of the 3rd century) and on to the border with Uzbekistan, shortly before (5km) lie the ruins of Sarazm UNESCO and already inhabited more than 5,000 years ago. Tajik National Park (Mountains of Pamir) UNESCO, a rather surreal landscape with scenic Karakul lake, formed after a meteorite impact, many mountain peaks over 6000 meters, Mt. Ismoil Somoni is with 7495m the highest.