North Korea



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Pyongyang, Kaesong, Chongjin, Orang, Panmunjon


Pyongyang Kimilsungia Festival with thousand of orchids, every April, Juche Tower with great view from the top, Mansudae Grand Monument (built 1972 on the 60th birthday of Kim Il Sung), Chollima Statue, Kumsusan Memorial Palace where the DPRK's "eternal" President is laid out, open to visitors on his birthday 15th April. This is a good day to visit the country, as there is a festive mood everywhere. Mangyongdae Fun Fair. Triumphal Arch (3 m taller than the one in Paris). Revolutionary cemetary. Kim Il Sung Square. The Mass Games, if they take place. Yongwang station in the Pyongyang Metro. Mangyongdan, the Birth place of Kim Il Sung. Micro Brewery. Mt. Chilbo, one of the 5 holy mountains and the Kaesim temple. Revolution Museum. Historical Monuments in Kaesong UNESCO including mausoleums of Korean kings. DMZ border zone at Panmunjon. Complex of Koguryo Tombs UNESCO.